Why you should use Plotagraph.

Plotagraph Example - The Green House UVU

Plotagraph: turn your images into cinematography

If you are me, you haven’t heard the word “plotagraph” being used in any conversation, and you might not even know what it means. Plotagraph is very unique, it is a software that can convert a JPEG into cinematography. The plotagraph software gives the user tools to turn their images into images that appear to be moving. For example, if you have clouds in your image you can make the clouds appear to be moving. It is an amazing tool that can help you increase your content marketing for your social media pages. So, why should you use it? I will give you three reason why plotagraph can benefit you. Stand Out: By creating and converting your images into cinematography, you will stand out in the social media world. Not a lot of people know about or use the plotagraph technology, which is why this will increase your content marketing engagements, likes, and interactions. Plotagraph catches so many eyes because of its uniqueness of being in between an images and a video. This can give you the edge over your competition because you have the best eye-catching content. Not only can you animate your images, but you can enhance their quality by using similar tools to photoshop (See image to the right. Note: the image can’t show the animation, but it is raining in the original image). Easy to use: One of the best parts about using Plotagraph is that it’s simple, easy to use, and saves you time. If you don’t have this tool, the only other way to make a plotagraph are in photoshop but this could take you several hours. With the plotagraph technology, you can create stunning moving images in a matter of minutes. Once you get the learning curve down, its smooth sailing and you will be on your way to turn your normal images into spectacular content for your audience. It’s free: By going to the plotaverse website you can signup and download the software for free! Although not all of the functions are not available to use in the free version, it is a great way to practice, learn more, and to see if you would want to buy the premium version. Not only is it low-risk, but the tools provided are enough to start and make stunning cinematography. It won’t hurt to give it a try! The plotagraph software is one of the top content tools. Because you can do a lot with the free version there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it out. If you find yourself loving the software you can buy the software for as little as $9.99 a month and ultimately this can increase your content marketing immensely! For beginners, this tool is perfect to get started. By using plotagraph this can jump-start your social media to stand out, this tool can really bring out your creative side and ultimately give your users quality content in their feeds. Get started today by visiting plotagraphs website by clicking here.