A Message from the Program Director

Bridging the gap between higher education and real-world business skills and experience holds immense significance, as it represents the transformation of academic knowledge into practical, life-changing wisdom.

Digital marketing jobs are in a constant state of evolution, reflecting the rapid pace of technological advancements and shifts in consumer behavior. In this dynamic field, what was considered cutting-edge yesterday may become obsolete tomorrow. Digital marketers must be agile and adaptive, continuously updating their skill sets to stay relevant. Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, voice search, and augmented reality, are reshaping the landscape, offering new opportunities and challenges.

Furthermore, the proliferation of social media platforms and the changing algorithms of search engines demand that marketers stay vigilant and creative in their strategies. In this ever-changing environment, digital marketing professionals are not just jobholders; they are perpetual learners and innovators, navigating complex terrains where staying ahead of the curve is essential for success.

At UVU, we strive to differentiate ourselves from other institutions by providing our students with a combined education of theory and practice. Through experience, students truly understand how to apply knowledge effectively. Experience is often what distinguishes candidates in the job market, as employers typically prioritize candidates who can demonstrate a track record of successfully applying their skills and knowledge to produce tangible results.

Green House is our differentiator.

Green House is a marketing agency sponsored by Utah Valley University and run by its students. Our approach combines the impact of the largest university in Utah with the resourceful skills of students and industry professionals. By working with active businesses and organizations students are bridging the employment gap with real-world, hands-on skills.

I’m zestfully optimistic about the rapid successful impact we are already realizing with our students and I foresee an even larger footprint of achievement in our pathway to building a sustainable, effective, transformative experience. I thank the university leadership for risking the chance, the community for supporting our mission, and donors for sustaining the vision.

David G. Przybyla
Founder, Program Director | Green House Marketing Agency

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While most of our clients primarily need help with these four services, we understand that every company has different needs. Our students have helped clients with a much wider variety of services, including branding, web design, content creation, CRM management, and many more. If you’d like help with any aspect of digital marketing, contact us and we will schedule a consultation.

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