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Amano Chocolate Client Success Story:

Aaron Pollard, the Vice President of Amano Chocolate, shares his experience with the Fertilizer Package. Selling boxes of chocolate in the summer can have complications due to the heat. Amano Chocolate takes their summers to push for less customers and revamp business strategies. However, their website traffic was still increasing, because of Green House Marketing’s work! The Fertilizer Package was definitely worth it for Aaron and Amano Chocolate.

“We have enjoyed working with The Green House! Firstly, they helped us develop and design our brand. Secondly, they capitalized on our company culture. Lastly, they helped us envision the future and possibilities for TapStir! We are excited to see where this work takes the future of Tapstir!”


“Compared to my previous experiences with UVU marketing students, this was my dream team. The group has a rock-solid understanding of content creation and marketing strategizing. Not only were they great communicators, but they were great listeners. They listened to my input, my needs, and made sure they happened. I would highly recommend this team to anyone”

Skyline Exhibits Utah

“The team was easy going and fun to work with. They handled themselves very professionally and helped to create content that will benefit us with future projects and campaigns.”

Lowes Xtreme Airsports

“I was impressed by the extra initiative taken by the UVU marketing team. For example, the students contacted actual potential corporate clients. They did this by referencing the buyer personas they developed. The information received through their research has helped us better understand our target market. Subsequently, this will allow Lexicon to tailor our marketing strategy to better fit our needs.”


“The marketing team at UVU was amazing. I enjoyed working with them. The social media and email campaigns reached further than I thought, and I love seeing that something is happening. I have a great video that explains clearly and quickly the ins and outs of Delphinium. The testimonials from students really helped promote our product. In conclusions, this team laid the foundation for our marketing efforts in the future. Thank you!”


“The marketing group at UVU was incredibly engaged. The group communicated constantly. They did so on a weekly basis using face to face meetings. In summary, they were willing to do whatever would be beneficial and in line with their goals.”


“Working with the UVU marketing team exceeded our expectations. They continually took the extra initiative by interviewing our sales team, using the Office of Teaching and Learning at UVU, and creating a survey for our clients. The social media analysis will help us to understand our customer base even more. Instead of just a list of what we are doing wrong, the specific SEO recommendations were extremely beneficial. Their digital marketing expertise and consistent communication gave us a great experience working with them.”

TestOut Corporation

“UVUu2019s The Green House delivered a great marketing plan for a new product launch. The research behind the product launch, which was the basis for the launch plan, was spot-on and well thought out. Additionally, the team created a brand and an action plan within our budget to promote the launch successfully. We were so pleased with the outcome; it exceeded our expectations. Thank you!”

Comenity Capital Bank

“The marketing team at UVUu2019s The Green House has been great to work with. The students proved from the beginning of the project that they were able to adapt to unforeseen challenges. For example, they handled every deliverable in a creative and professional manner. They did excellent work which will set The Green House up for great success for years to come.”


“I worked with the UVU Marketing team to create new content, media, and focus group findings. I found that working with them was of great value. Consequently, I enjoyed having a team of interns. They took the time to ask many in-depth questions to understand the nature of my business and company goals. After that, they worked hard to deliver their deliverables as a team. Through this team effort, I received lifestyle photos and videos, 6 blog articles, and feedback from a focus group they conducted. They showed the value in my input, offered their own creative ideas, and took my guidance. I highly recommend the UVU Marketing team.”


“Our UVU Marketing group offered insightful perspectives towards the marketing launch of Flora88. Most importantly, the group came up with key messages to help launch the product and grow our brand. Firstly, the engagement of the group was incredibly valuable. In conclusion, they were helpful in working through the critical components of our launch! Thank you!”


“The ultimate goal of the UVU marketing program is to increase the total number of marketing students at UVU. First, The Green House conducted primary research through classroom visits. Consequently, this increased awareness and interest. Second, they delivered marketing collateral based on that research. In conclusion, the work completed was on-target, timely, and impactful.”

UVU Marketing

“The students did a good job delivering on the 40 deliverables they sent at the start of the project. For instance, they created a strong social media brand by increasing social media impressions significantly. We didnu2019t know how much we were missing out on before. Above all, these posts will help us find future clients and strengthen our brand. The Spyfu analysis helped us know our competitors u2013mostly big-name companiesu2013 are bidding on keywords on google ads. Understanding our market helped our marketing team better understand the types of keywords we could be using to find and attract new customers. Besides the blog posts, the team created some well-made articles that can bring more understanding to our clients and potential clients. We are very impressed with all of the work they have contributed. We are excited to grow our business with these deliverables.”

Ship Caddie

“I want to thank all those that participated in the digital marketing project for Total Muscle Therapy (TMT). Each student did an outstanding job helping TMT. They created and implemented a new process to help us grow our business. Most importantly, Iu2019m extremely grateful for everyoneu2019s positivity, excitement, and ingenuity. During Covid-19, TMT was heavily impacted. We found new clients and kept our current clientele informed about precautions we were taking to ensure their safety because of the studentsu2019 creativity. As a result, I felt like everyone saw the potential and vision of what TMT is and can be. We had a great team of students that communicated very well and kept me informed about new strategies and concepts which we plan on adopting. Above all, you will never know how grateful I am for each of you. Thank you for helping me, my family, and my business.”

Muscle Train u2013 Total Muscle Therapy

“When looking for a team to help RELATE, we wanted a team that truly cared about our product and would help it thrive. With the UVU Marketing Team, we got that and more! For example, they worked hard to create a marketing campaign with our product. They provided us with valuable insights and helpful recommendations. Additionally, they took the time to do the little things right. These students went above and beyond what was expected and were true professionals. In short, I would highly recommend using them for future projects.”


“At Dragonu2019s Keep, we were happy with the results of the UVU student marketing team. In just 3 months, our social media presence increased by 54 followers and 49 likes. Weu2019ve gained significant momentum with help from the UVU student marketing team. Subsequently, we are on track to grow our brand awareness through continued social media engagement and in-store events. Thank you.”

Dragons Keep

“I have enjoyed working with the team and found the experience worthwhile. They had some ideas for marketing that I had not yet thought about and were the catalyst for me taking some action in areas that I had considered but not yet acted upon.”


“The goal was to reach students who were currently attending UVU or deciding whether or not to attend UVU. As a result, we were able to get the ball rolling on educating a younger generation of UVU students on the Marketing Program we have here and what potential it could hold for them. Overall, the project went very well. Good communication and diligent work on the project deliverables led to a smooth process. In conclusion, I would highly recommend this team to anyone.”

UVU Marketing Degree

“Working with UVU has been great! I enjoyed meeting with the student group each week and seeing the progress on the deliverables. The style guide is great and will be of huge help to us here at Eluma.”


“We are ecstatic about the quality and amount of work from the UVU Digital Marketing students. The team completed the multiple facets of this project using their diverse set of skills. For example, the various types of content they created will prove useful in our branding efforts. In conclusion, we are overjoyed with the outcome and delighted to be a sponsor of this project. Thank you, UVU!”


“I am very impressed at the level of professionalism of these students. For example, this group made it feel like I was working with a real consulting firm. In years previous, I felt like I had to hold their hand but I never felt that way. The content on these videos is the best that we have ever had. They did a phenomenal job coaching the athletesu2019 answers through the video, and we are extremely happy with the level of quality they provided. We can absolutely use these videos to bring in more donations to the Athletic Department.”

UVU Sports

“The students with the UVU Green House did an incredibly thorough job of researching our marketing strategy. Firstly, they were able to show us some of our current strategyu2019s weaknesses. Next, they laid out solutions that we were able to implement immediately. In summary, they have built a fantastic foundation for our marketing strategy moving forward. Thank you.”

Emmersion Learning

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