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How to Use Facbooks Advance Search

If you have a Facebook profile, I want you to open it up and put the cursor in the search bar. Your most recent searches should pull up. The names that come up might be close friends, family members, coworkers, or maybe even your friend’s sister’s ex-boyfriend. The beauty of Facebook is that we have a less creepy way to stalk people. Yes, I used the word stalk. Whether or not you want to call it stalking, we’ve all done it. We look someone up to see their pictures and figure out what they are doing with their life. What would be your reaction if I told you that there is an easier and more efficient way to scope out someone’s profile? You’re in luck because there is! Advanced Facebook Search is the social media tool you need to start researching Facebook profiles in depth. It sounds creepy, but it’s simply taking what we already do – “Facebook stalking” – and making it easier to do. Here’s how it works: Make sure you are using the Google Chrome browser. Google search “Advanced Facebook Search download”. Find the link in the search results that directs you to the Chrome store: jhcejhnfenfbippohhnfjkeaapj?hl=en Download the extension to your Google Chrome browser. Open Facebook and go to someone’s profile page. Click on the AFS extension button and add their profile. And voilà, full access to search someone’s posts, shares, comments, and likes. Attached to the left is a sample of what it looks like. When you see this pulled up, you can scroll down to see all the options of what you can search for on a specific profile. You’ll notice that there is a word highlighted in blue that says: “other searches”. This is another great feature of Advanced Facebook Search. This extension has the ability to do, is to do a targeting search. You can search within your friends or everyone by gender, education, location, relationship status, etc. I’ve attached a screenshot on the right. This would be a great tool if you are trying to recruit someone to a company. You could make a more specific search. You could search for people with a “manager” as their job title within a certain city. Advanced Facebook Search would also be an excellent tool if you are hiring someone and want to do a very brief and quick search of their social media profile. Facebook profiles can say a lot about someone. It’s always beneficial to know a little bit more about the people who might be hiring. Facebook profiles would give a small view to know if they are someone you feel could represent their job title and not hurt the company’s reputation. Especially for startup businesses. Overall, this is a great social media tool for personal and professional use. On the plus side, the download is completely free so why not take advantage of it? Try it out today! Check it out and if you like or dislike it, leave them a review!