Biteable…Chocolate Cake?

Chocolate Cake - The Green House UVU

BITEABLE is like eating a giant piece of chocolate cake. At first you are very content. You enjoyed every bite of that calorie filled goodness. Then the crash comes. You feel awful for eating that chocolate cake and you realized the short-term joy of chocolate cake was not worth the sugar rush and calories.

It seemed like a good idea… at the time.

There are certain things in life that seem like a good Idea at the time but then end up going terribly wrong. Like eating chocolate cake. Let me give you another example.

“Dude, Watch this!”

Another thing that seemed like a great idea at first is Biteable.

First off, Biteable? This is a terrible name for a video making app. It just makes me think of vampires, bug bites or it just makes me hungry. I think Biteable, I could eat right now. After you get used to the name Biteable sounds like a wonderful idea. WRONG!

What Is Biteable?

Biteable. You may have stumbled across this nifty little app and thought “Wow this is a great idea!” only to discover it was actually pretty useless. Biteable is a movie making website. It is very intuitive and simple to use their motto is “Make better videos than you competitors. On your lunch break.” The idea is to make the video editing as simple as possible.

(Orange quote thingy from biteable)

It is a great idea in theory but when I actually tried using the site I found it very frustrating. There are some presets that you can’t see while you are editing the movie slides and you can’t change them. You see one thing in the editing process and then you click play and there are all of these other images or videos that you haven’t even seen. I felt almost insulted by how simple it was. I am no video expert but I felt like it needed at least a few more editing options.

It’s simple, maybe too simple… The subscription was originally $99 a year but they changed the price to $276 a year. They must think they are real hot shots. I think this app could be helpful for someone who knows absolutely nothing about video making but if you are trying to be just a little more original or professional this is not the app for you. I only used the free version so maybe the premium has worked through all of the bugs. I don’t think the offering is worth the price. Just like eating chocolate cake it may be enjoyable and feel worth it at first but then you get a stomach ache. You may make a few beautiful videos and then next thing you know you spent over $200 and you only have 3 high-quality videos.

But don’t take my word for it! Go make a video! Try it for yourself. Got to