Brand Pyramid: Step By Step Guide and Template

Egyptian Pyramid

What comes to your mind with the word Apple? Or Nike? Do you think about their products or does it bring up their brand? For instance, their logo, its imagery, and the feeling their brand gives you. This is how you want customers and followers to think about your brand, but you may ask how do you do that at your business? Well, you start with a brand pyramid! 

What is a Brand Pyramid?

Brand Pyramid is a marketing tool that defines the fundamentals of your brand. It can be used to create clarity across the organization. This is especially important for senior officers in the business. 

It can help determine:

  • What the company wants to be
  • Who the company serves
  • How the company should make customers feel

In other words, the brand pyramid keeps everyone in the company going in the same direction. Without it, your company could end up floundering with the brand going in multiple directions.

When employees understand the brand identity or essence, it makes it easier for customers to do so as well. This can build a relationship with customers. It can make them more loyal to your brand and a willingness to share your product with others.

How to create your own Pyramid

Firstly, perform a brand audit by having a discussion with top members of the company. This would include individuals like the founder, department heads, stakeholders, etc. If you end up with similar answers, your brand is doing well. If not, your company brand needs some work. After that, you can use those answers to start filling in the pyramid.

The brand pyramid breaks down into five parts.

  1. Product Features and Attributes

Describe all of the features of your product. For example, if you are selling landscape services you would list lawn care services, lawn maintenance, and seasonal cleanup.

  1. Functional Benefits

Find what problem your product or service solves and list the benefits. Going back to the previous example, the benefit of using a landscape service is having more time to spend with your family instead of doing yard work.

  1. Emotional Benefits

Detail how your product or service makes the customer feel. For instance, a landscape service would make the customer feel relaxed not having to worry about lawn care and proud of a professional-looking lawn.

  1. Brand/Product Persona

Describe what type of person is going to use your product. What do they value? What kind of person would your brand be? How does your product make your customer look? Knowing your customer is vital to the branding process. For example, Apple users are perceived as younger and on the cutting edge of technology.

  1. Brand Essence

Specify why customers should care about your brand. As the apex of the pyramid, the brand essence is quality that differentiates your brand from the other competitors and is recognized by your audience. Above all, it is your brand DNA. 

In conclusion, a Brand Pyramid can build a brand foundation for your business. By following the steps above you can now make your own brand pyramid! And to make it even easier, there is a template all ready for you. Good luck with your brand journey! 

By Abigail Olds

Brand Pyramid Template