Marketing Capstone at UVU is an opportunity for companies and organizations to receive marketing work by a semester team of undergraduate seniors. Students receive academic credit while focusing on project deliverables for clients.

Benefits to your organization

  • 5-6 students working 3 months on your project
  • Access to powerful marketing tools and resources
  • Customized project deliverables
  • MBA project mentor
  • Professor mentor

Benefits to UVU students

  • Hands-on practical business experience
  • Develop best practices
  • Learn to manage relationships and communications, expectations
  • Enable team collaboration, diverse mindsets, and project management
  • Experiential learning


  • $1000 Fee 
  • Organization project champion and mentor
  • Pre-semester application and approval

Client Expectations

  • Provide access to necessary tools, resources, documents
  • Provide mentoring, coaching, and proactive communications
  • Available for final presentations and deliver honest feedback

Student Expectations

  • Students will provide timely, efficient, and constant feedback to the client.
  • Students will protect the confidentiality, integrity, and trust of the client always.
  • Students will be ethical in all communications with customers or target segments.
  • Students will deliver a presentation to the client at the end of the semester along with all collateral created.

Extra Information

Due to the limited set schedule of a semester system, sponsored projects require a lot of preparation in order to increase the likelihood of success. Successful projects require four main areas of emphasis:

  1. Scope – Projects must outline what work will be done including specific deliverables and any milestones. The more specific the deliverable the more likelihood for success. The project scope should also outline the type of skills that will be taxed the most.
  2. Communication – Projects must have, not only an organizational sponsor but also an individual sponsor. There must be an individual assigned from the organization who will be responsive to the deadlines the students have, not the deadlines the corporation has. This individual must be prepared to open all channels and times for communication.
  3. Resources – Projects must detail the type and availability of resources. These could include human resources, budgets, customer access, executive access, equipment, travel, materials, etc.
  4. Enthusiasm – Projects must encourage creativity, demand growth, challenge the status quo and create value. Enthusiasm comes from the organization willing to develop projects that are specific, measurable, accountable, reasonable, and timely. Students will select the projects that excite them the most.
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