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Strategies for Content Marketing Optimization

Content marketing stands as a cornerstone of any successful digital marketing strategy. It’s the art [...]

Pixlr Review vLOG – MKTG 3685

Pixlr is a free online (or mobile) tool that lets you edit photos using an [...]

Biteable…Chocolate Cake?

BITEABLE is like eating a giant piece of chocolate cake. At first you are very [...]

Whats the Hype about Hype3?

Hype 3: Keyframe-based Animation System for web content Hype 3 makes animating web graphics easy. [...]

Track Clicks Visually with Hotjar

Hotjar is a digital marketing tool that lets you collect data and feedback on the [...]

Making Video Easier NOT Harder | RenderForest

Do you work in the creative market? You’re Going to Like This. Everyone knows video [...]

Klear Free Version Product Review

Klear is a huge influencer marketplace of 900 million influencers. Companies can search in a [...]

AmCharts– Perhaps a Spork?

I picked the tool because due to the fact that I generally dislike graphs, however, [...]

Resize Images-Landscape by Sprout Social

Are you a social media manager, a blogger or someone who posts to multiple social [...]

Yotpo: Happy Customers = Happier You

Happy customers. The goal of every direct-to-consumer business. Getting a happy customer can be a [...]

Nuzzle: It’s okay for small businesses

What is Nuzzle? Nuzzle is a media intelligence reporting software. The product allows you to [...]

Coding Is So 2018: Bubble and the Future of App Development

Have you ever had an idea for a mobile app that you’re certain would change [...]

Easelly: Infographics in an Instant

User-Friendly Infographics If you’ve ever been asked to create an infographic then you know just [...]

Grammarly: The Puppy of the Internet

Free Grammar editing tool The Puppy When you finally decide to get a puppy, you [...]

Crello- Your New Image Editing Tool

Image tool for Blogs As a blogger, you are always looking for innovative ways to [...]