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Logomakr a Tool to Make Good Looking Logos

When it comes to the world of content marketing there are many different pieces. There are emails, social media posts, videos, brochures, etc. One commonly overlooked content piece is the logo. The logo is the face of your brand and the face of your company. It is what your consumer stares in the face when they interact with your company. That is why Logomakr is such a great content marketing tool. It allows you to make a crucial piece of your content marketing strategy. Logomakr is a primarily free logo design tool. It offers over one million basic shapes, objects, and images to build your logo with. You can layer different images to make a more complex content piece. There is a text option so you can add a company name or strategic messaging. After you have created your logo you are then able to edit the color of the logo elements. The color-editing tool is very extensive and offers you the option to copy the color code of colors you like. Once the elements all come together you can download the logo for free. With the Logomakr tool, you have one free option and a $20 option when it comes to downloading your logo. You can download a simple JPEG or vector file of the logo you created. If you were creating a logo for a school project I would recommend using the free option. If you are in a small business or your department has a small budget I would recommend the vector file. When creating content for your brand’s content strategy a vector file is the only way to go. A vector file does not lose its image quality as it is stretched and shrunk on various content pieces. This allows you to use the logo on a billboard, stickers, or t-shirts. With the vector file option, you can create a ton of great content that has consistent branding. Logomakr also offers creative services to those who don’t feel their design skills are up to par or aren’t satisfied with your own design. There are three additional options for logomakr’s services. One, you can pay $195 for a logo redesign. You’ll send in your self-made logo and the logomakr design team will enhance and polish what you provided them. This is a great way to make sure your branding and content stay consistent. The second service is the custom logo design. This tool is great because you pay $299 and they’ll make you a custom logo for your company. This logo will be a polished, professional looking logo versus the free alternative you can make yourself. Logomakr’s final service is their business card design service. This service costs $256 and you are able to create a custom logo and business card design with the design team. Again, this is a great opportunity if graphic design isn’t your strong point. Overall, using logomakr is a very easy and enriching experience. As a content marketing tool, it offers simple steps to create impactful content branding. I have used it to make a logo for a blog I created and was very satisfied with the results. If you enjoyed this post please leave a like below. If you have any questions please also leave a comment and well do our best to answer it. Thanks for reading on UVUcontentisking!