Easelly: Infographics in an Instant

Easelly Example Dog- The Green House UVU

User-Friendly Infographics

If you’ve ever been asked to create an infographic then you know just how time consuming and tedious the task can be. Even if you have all of the information beforehand, designing an infographic that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional can be a challenge that can eat away hours of your workday, but that is all about to change. Easelly is the Netflix of infographics. It’s simple to use, easy to navigate, and always has new options popping up all over the place (and you can share one account with a ton of people, but more on that later). With Easelly you can create a stunning infographic in half the time it takes you to choose a show to watch on Netflix. With thousands of templates and nearly endless customization options you can make beautiful infographics and share them instantly when you are done – and you don’t have to have a degree in graphic design to do it.

What If I Have a Team I Need to Be Able to Create With?

When you pay for the premium version of Easelly you have the ability to invite 30 other people to join your “group” those group members can create their own infographics and also edit the other ones within the group. The best way to get the most bang for your buck is as follows: One person buys the pro version of Easelly. Everyone else on the team signs up for the regular free version. The person who has the pro version then invites everyone else to join their group via a specific code generated from their account. Once a person who originally just had the free version joins a group whose owner has the pro version they will automatically inherit those pro features, thus giving everyone in the group full access to all of Easelly’s features. It’s like when you and all of your closest friends and family members share the same Netflix account. Everyone has different user profiles, but the entire account as a whole is only paid for by one person. This feature can be applied to the workplace or the classroom. After a group exceeds 30 members, every additional group member only costs $1.50 extra per year. Groups are great for collaborating, or just giving a bunch of your buddies access to the pro version for free. Either way, you all win!

Okay But How Much is this Gonna Cost Me?

If you aren’t too picky you can use Easelly for free, forever! The free version obviously doesn’t include all the cool details and features that the Pro version does, but if you’re just out to make one or two infographics and be on your way, then the free version is great. Now if you wanna get serious then the pro version at $4/month (billed annually) is a great deal. With the pro version you have unlimited access to every feature on Easelly’s platform. Thousands of infographic templates, icons, and stock images will be at your disposal in addition to being able to upload your own! If you are creating infographics for a client that has a style guide you’ve got to stick to Easelly supports that. There is no restriction on the file size of uploads to the platform and you can even upload fonts should you so desire, which, if you ask me, is an awesome feature that is a rare find when it comes to online content creation tools. See the breakdown of all the free vs. pro features below.