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Is it pronounced “ghiff,” or “jiff”? Whatever side of that argument you might fall on doesn’t especially matter, as long as you are aware what they can do for your content marketing. Gifs have skyrocketed into popularity over the past several years. They’re used to start conversations on Tinder, used to express niche emotions through text, a huge basis for memes, and used by businesses from local car washes to Fortune 500 companies. Gifs range from sub-second animated images, to minute and up video clips that have been transformed into .gif files. They translate very well across all platforms, with high popularity on Twitter and Facebook. These gifs can add a unique spin to your content marketing. So how do you get started?
Let me introduce Giphy, a completely free, that’s right, FREE, online gif creation tool. Creating an account is easy, with the option to link right to your Facebook account. Once your account is created, the whole tool lies at your fingertips. You can upload previously created gifs to the site to link out to other platforms, or create your own gifs right on the site.
Creating gifs is a lot easier than it might sound. When doing content marketing that is going to be social media focused, you need to make sure that its appropriate for your audience. Once you have an idea for the content you want in your gif, creation is easy. You’ll need to find or create a video that you want to use to create your gif. (PHOTO 2) Many users use YouTube links, which can be directly put into the gif creator, then you are able to select the exact portion of the video that you want to use. Once you have the segment of video you want to convert, you can “decorate” the segment, adding art, captions, animations etc.

Giphy additionally markets itself as a “gif search engine.” If you don’t want to take the time to make your own gif, you can use hashtags to find nearly any type of gif. When considering what you want to do for content marketing, it’s important to consider what emotions you want to convey with your message, and gifs are a great way to do this.
The app is nearly identical to the website, but has the additional feature of using the device camera to create a video to pull a gif out directly. The search engine functionality is very useful on mobile as you can directly copy gifs to post to social media platforms, or directly message.
Now, Giphy isn’t perfect, no content marketing tool is. The overall creation portion isn’t the most in-depth. There’s a lot lacking, and you cant get everything customized exactly how you want. You’re limited to their several fonts and animations. If you have little experience creating gifs giphy is a great place to get started. In the comments below let me know what you use to do your gif-related content marketing!