Finding the perfect hashtag: #RiteTag

RiteTag Dashboard - The Green House UVU

Hashtag Creation Tool

Have you been wanted to post something but couldn’t think of any good hashtags? Almost every social media marketer uses hashtags in content strategies for maximum optimization on their posts. A simple little sign (#) has so much power when it comes to content marketing. With Rite Tag, you can get instant hashtag suggestions for images and texts with the click of a button. If there’s a photo you are trying to post to Instagram or Pinterest but don’t know how to caption it, all you have to do is upload the photo, right click, and a list of suggestions will appear in a toolbar at the bottom of your screen. All the suggestions they give you are based on real time hashtag engagement. Trying to make a text post and still struggling to think of hashtags to get more activity on that post? Rite tag also gives hashtag suggestions for any word or short text on any site AND on mobile phones. You can either write your own post, highlight it, and be recommended suggestions or you can get suggestions for something already written. You can also search for specific words in the Rite Tag toolbar. It will populate a list of hashtags corresponding with different legends to give you an idea of how that specific hashtag is trending. It will have a green bolt to represent “hot now”, a blue hourglass to show that it has a long life exposure, and a red exclamation if it’s overused. Based on these you can easily select and de-select from the suggestion they provide and incorporate them into your post. Wait! But that’s not all. Getting hashtag suggestions is awesome and all, but unless you can see statistics for those specific hashtags, you’re only fighting half the battle. Another great thing about Rite Tag is the ability to get detailed statistics for every single hashtag they suggest. This allows users to compare and analyze certain tags to effectively optimize their content and increase activity. You can discover when, how, and by whom a hashtag is used. You can see how much exposure that specific hashtag has over a span of time. This takes out half the guessing of whether or not people will even see your post based on how you tag it. The best of all this is the PRICE. You can have access to their database of 20+ million hashtag suggestions for just $49 a year. Yes, you read that right. A year, not monthly! This includes 1000 queries a month from browser extensions and mobiles apps combined. If you’re having trouble thinking of hashtag suggestions and want to improve your content strategy, Rite Tag will be your best resource. Overall, it’s a great tool to help in your social media content plan and will allow you to optimize all your content. Try out the free 7-day trial and let us know what you think!