GIMP Review

GIMP Example - The Green House UVU

Photo Editing Tool for Beginners


GIMP is an application available for download on all types of computers. GIMP stands for ‘Gnu Image Manipulation Program’. The application is most known as a photo manipulator/editor but also has the following capabilities: image composition, image format converter, photo retouching, animation creation, and editing, etc. The product is free of charge, but there is a place for donations on the website. These donations help the company improve their product for their customers.


GIMP is very similar to Adobe Photoshop, but it seems more cluttered and busy. From what I could tell, they had many of the same abilities as Photoshop, but it was all placed in one small section- very unorganized compared to Adobe’s version. It takes a long time memorizing the symbols for the editing options. I also noticed the quality of the photo after editing from this application goes down a great amount compared to the original photo.


I personally wouldn’t use this product because I purchased Adobe Photoshop and find it much easier to work with. I would recommend this product to people just beginning to work on photo editing or someone who isn’t planning to professionally edit photos. I personally prefer Adobe Photoshop because the program is much more organized, it has many more editing options, and the overall quality of the photo comes out better after editing. GIMP is a decent, free replacement for those who are unsure if they want or need a paid editor. It is also good practice for someone who wants to get the feel for how editors work before making a financial commitment.