Grammarly: The Puppy of the Internet

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The Puppy

When you finally decide to get a puppy, you are overwhelmed with emotion. You know that this puppy will be helpful but your not exactly sure what is required. A puppy brings you joy and helps you deal with extra stress in your life. It takes a while to understand the needs of a puppy and how to make sure the puppy is performing at its best health and happiness. Grammarly is the same as a puppy. It takes a while to figure out and requires attention to details, as well as constant care. When you are editing papers, you don’t want to rush through your requirements, and you want to spend time understanding why you made a mistake and what you a need to do to fix it. Once you have a figured out a routine Grammarly, just like a puppy, is something that you want. When you finally decide to get it, you finally realize how important it is to your everyday life.

What is Grammarly?

What is Grammarly? Grammarly is a web and program based tool that helps you fix errors in your writing. Above, is a photo that gives you an example of how Grammarly looks and feels. It helps with everything from punctuation, spelling, and clarity. Grammarly will also help make sure that you don’t overuse a word and suggests words that are similar to the word you are overusing. Grammarly will also allow you to change the amount of help you receive. What I mean by this is that you can change settings on Grammarly to will enable you to make specific modifications based on the paper you are writing. The picture below is a group of settings in Grammarly called goals. You can see a variety of goals you can choose from, as well as a domain type. The domain type will determine how much Grammarly helps you edit your document. Academic is the strictest style, where is detects passive voice, contradictions, and informal pronouns. The least strict option is creative, where it allows freedom to mess around with specific grammar rules.


The pricing for Grammarly Premium is $29.95 a month. If you were to pay every three months, it would be $19.98 a month, and if you were to pay for a full year, it is $11.66 a month. The free version Grammarly comes with critical grammar and spelling checks. While Grammarly Premium comes with a wide variety of options, displayed in the picture below. Grammarly Premium allows you to download a program for your desktop, a chrome extension and a program for Microsoft Word. They are also working on making Grammarly work with Google’s variety of writing programs.


What do you think of Grammarly? I recommend you try out Grammarly for a month and see how it helps you. I believe it is the single best program anyone in the academic, business and creative worlds, can invest in. It saves you a ton of time proofreading your work and allows you to spend more of your time focused your projects.