Hashtag Display - The Green House UVU

Display your Companys Campaigns

#tagboard is a social media tool. It is a tool used to display campaigns your company is running on a big jumbo-tron at your event basically. Let’s show an example. Say you are running a campaign about and on earth day and your hashtag is #thisishowiearthday. You would take this hashtag and promote it. Tell people on all social media platforms to use this hashtag and their posts will appear on your jumbo screen at your event! Now, I know what you may be thinking. “but how does this have anything to do with me?” and the honest answer is that it doesn’t have any significance to you UNLESS you are the digital marketing manager for a big company and want to use this tool to promote your business and the different event you run. In my opinion, this isn’t very useful to some companies because it is very pricey to run an event using this tool and there are a lot of other, cheaper ways to promote your business and get great results. This social media tool is, on the other hand very innovative and technologically savvy. If I had the money and a big enough campaign I was wanting to promote, I would take this #tagboard tool into consideration. This is a great way to engage people in your business. If you think about it, people will do just about anything to get on the big screen. And what’s just one little post to any of their social media platforms to get their big moment on TV? I’ll be honest, to see my name on a big jumbo-tron, I would probably post and hashtag, purely just for the heck of it. This social media tool is very much so a want over a need. I don’t think it is necessary for your company to be successful. You know like when you see a plant holder at Target and your husband asks you, want or need? And as much as you want to say it’s a need, it most definitely is a want. Like how when you go to Hobby Lobby and you see the cutest quote signs that may be $50.00 each and you think it’s a need, but you deep down know it’s just a want? Anyway, that’s how I feel about #tagboard. But how ironic it is that their way of letting people use their product to market their company, but in reality, they are really just using peoples’ campaigns and event to market their own company. Wow. Genius. Back to the real subject, the social media tool #tagboard is the plant holder, the cute Hobby Lobby signs, and the marketer of #tagboard. Confused? So am I. But hopefully, this will help you in figuring out whether this tool will be of use for you and your company, or if it will be a total waste of money. Again, it really can go both ways, but depending on what you are running that will be the decider to or not to use #tagboard.