Hi Pablo, You’re Just Okay.

Pablo Example - The Green House UVU

Video Light Painting App

Hi Pablo, You’re Just OK. Pablo is a video light painting app. It is used for night photography and long exposure photography. There is a free version that will help you do all the basics you will need. There is a $5 version of the app. I haven’t noticed any huge changes from the free and paid version. Features offered in this app: • Fading Trails: Light trails will fade as you record. • Pause Exposure: Pause your exposure to seamlessly add new lights and settings. • Clear Frame: Wipe the whole frame mid-exposure to add new compositions to the same video. • Settings Lock: PABLO Pro remembers what you did last, and keeps your settings. • Trim Video: Crop your video to showcase only the best parts. • Flip: Invert your light writings. No more writing backward! • Rotate: Rotate your finished product. • Mirrored Exposures: Mirror your light painting horizontally, vertically or both! • Background Selection: Start a light painting on a pre-existing image, or take a new one. • GIF Exports: Export your light painting as a looping GIF file. This app is great for pictures or videos like fireworks, car lights, and glow sticks. Everyone wants to get those perfect 4th of July pictures, spelling out words or pictures, and this app helps you create that. This app creates different social media post ideas for your page. The idea of the app is great for long exposure but, the app doesn’t have much else to offer. The app is in a very niche market. If they expanded more editing tools and functions I think this app would be a must-have. Unless your content is in the niche market of long exposure, I wouldn’t say this app is a very useful social media tool. RATINGS: Functionality: 7/10 Useful: 5/10 Creativity: 9/10