IFTTT: Working Your Apps Together To Fit Your Daily Needs

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What’s cookin good lookin?

Have you ever cooked and not followed a recipe? How did it turn out? I know that sometimes even if I follow a recipe or don’t, it could be a hit or miss if it turns out or not. This online tool, IFTTT, can help with giving guidelines to recipes and help you become an expert at your cooking and app meshing. The app called If This Then That is just like having a recipe. You have ingredients, which are apps, that you can choose two off to control their function and work with each other. Having your apps work together makes everyday life easier in different ways. It is all customizable and can be more complex or not depending on what apps you are using together or if that recipe you create works out. Don’t worry if it fails the first time, because you have unlimited tries to get it right.

What does it have to offer?

Depending on your knowledge about the apps, “ingredients”, behavior alone can determine how much function you can get out of this software. It is compatible for android and apple phones but each has recipes that work better on one or the other. The nice thing about ITTT, it is free and simple to use for the most part. Getting the apps to work together can be tricky, but navigating the website and app is simple. It isn’t so much a tool that would be used for company or marketing something necessarily, but to make your life at home, work, or on the go easier and more automatic because there are so many things to think about every day.

Examples of Applets or “Recipes”

• Sync your new Instagrams to a Pinterest Board
• Get the weather forecast every day at 7 AM
• Add songs from videos you like to a Spotify playlist from YouTube
• Properly mention and thank new followers on Twitter
• Press button to track work hours in Google Drive

I think it is a unique idea and can be very helpful, it was just difficult for me to figure out my daily needs that I would need the applets to do, and figure out which apps can only be applied one direction because some things I would imagine the apps to do may not be fully capable yet. The more that I mess around with it then it will be easier to understand. Test out the app yourself and comment below what you think of it, how well it worked for you, and applets that you would recommended using between apps.