The Technological Dog You Need in Your Life

Infogram Test - The Green House UVU

User-Friendly Data Visualization

Dog lovers all love their dogs. Dogs are cute, fun, and always a source of unconditional love. Who wouldn’t love that? Dogs do take a lot of work, though. You need to bathe them regularly. You need to buy supplies for them. You must take them for walks. Dogs can take a lot of maintenance. But any dog owner would say the work is well worth it.

Cute is a technological dog because it is cute. Or it can be cute for any situation. A business meeting needs a professional “cute” while a blog post can just be plain cute. can be used to create the “cute” your specific creation needs to have. One way it does this through the graphs and charts. They can be specifically color coordinated with hex codes for business-specific documents. You can also input data, so your graphs and charts accurately represent your data. There are also shapes you can input to liven up your presentation. Text can be used in the same way. has several options for text beside headers and paragraph text. They have a template for quotes, bullet points, and more!

Fun is also fun! It incorporates movement elements like PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator, but with a bazillion less steps! It is just one click for the movement and one click for the time duration, test, and done. So easy! The movement is a great way to keep engagement for your documents. You can alter the length so the whole image is not on the screen at the same time. Then you scroll down, and the animation will activate when it appears. You can also use to create an eBook instead of InDesign.

Unconditional Love shows unconditional love because it is so user-friendly. Often, with Adobe or Microsoft products they are so complicated or deep that you cannot figure out how to do what you want or simply don’t know it’s an option. takes the ideas of this software and makes it easy! The interface is very versatile, so you can design your page exactly how you would like to. Everything is right in front of you. Honestly, if you miss something you’re blind. It is very user-friendly! is great for creating content that can express information quickly and concisely. It can be created quickly. And your content looks great by the end, and your boss will be impressed!