Keyhole, Analyze Your Competition

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Track Competitior Hashtags

Have you ever wished that you could add your own google analytics tags to your competition’s website? If you could, you would have the ability to understand how people are engaging with your competition. You could analyze their strategies in mass and gain insights for your own campaigns. Unfortunately, keyhole doesn’t let you do that. You can’t use keyhole to implant your own tracking tags onto a competitor’s website. However, you can use it to track the hashtags they are using. As a bonus, you can go backwards at least a week to see historical data about the hashtags. That in itself is super important because it allows you to be dynamic in your decision making rather than having to wait a while to collect enough data to make a decision.

What do they have to offer?

Keyhole offers a few tools that can be used for objectives like brand monitoring, market research, event monitoring, campaign monitoring, and influencer marketing. • With brand monitoring, keyhole offers the ability to use text analytics to determine the sentiment around different hashtags. You can search for a social movement to see how your followers (or your competition’s followers) feel about said movement. From there, you can decide to engage in the discussion and which side to take. View below chart to quickly see a sample of what keyhole has to offer. • The market research that keyhole offers makes me think of a more powerful keyword research tool. Rather than just seeing what people are searching for and how many times it is searched for, you can see a lot more depth about these hashtags (the keywords of social). You search for a hashtag and it tells you related hashtags, other hashtags that appear in the same posts as the word you’re targeting. • Event monitoring. This feature allows you to track hashtags associated with a certain event like a music festival. I think this tool probably works the same way as the market research tool and finding associated hashtags, but it is a value that is different enough that keyhole obviously thinks that it is a unique value that they offer. • Campaign monitoring is an essential in any social media tool. Managers need to know how their efforts are performing. They need to have the data to prove their ROI for their respective boards and executive management. • Influencer marketing, keyhole accomplishes this research by analyzing the pages that are posting with the hashtags in question. Keyhole will look into which posters have the highest counts of followers and highest engagement rates. These people can be targeted as possible promoters of the brand, or you can poach their keywords like a poacher poaches the rhino horns that aren’t his. Only, your poaching will be legal and probably beneficial to your company and your customers. This is important because creativity doesn’t just pop into existence. Every great idea is inspired by another idea. So, it is valuable to look at what other people are posting to poach their ideas in order to create your own excellent content. So if you’re looking for powerful data insights into your social media, consider keyhole.