Klear Free Version Product Review

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Klear is a huge influencer marketplace of 900 million influencers. Companies can search in a category, channel, and location to find the top influencers in that area. Obviously, this review is based on the free version of Klear’s software. After a visitor receives assistance to see the free version from Klear employees, visitors see that this version includes Demo Monitors, Limited Influencer Searches, and Limited Social Profiles.

What are monitors? Monitors can be set up, according to what package your company chooses, and measure mentions of your brand on various social media channels. It also measures the number of engagements. This page not only shows graphs correlated with those topics but it also shows useful statistics at the top of that page/tab (The Marketing Tab). It shows the channel with the most mentions and then the number. It shows the channel with the most engagements and then the number. It shows the channel with the newest fans and then the number. And lastly, it shows the channel with the most activity and that number. This information is useful because it communicates to the company which channel they should focus its efforts on.

The influencer searches display the contact information for the influencer of that category and the pages associated with that company or person. The searcher has to do the rest of the work that goes into influencer marketing.
The company can upload its social media channel profiles to Klear so that clear can analyze them and produce various analytics.

Klear provides a little more than what Facebook’s Pixel or other built-in social media analytics will give your company. The influencer market and contact information is useful and decisions can also be made from analyzing its Marketing Analytics page. The most useful benefit is that if your company can start building a relationship with an influencer, you can butter them up or make a deal with them; influencers very often bring more business/customers to you or spread your brand awareness.