Magisto Product Review

Magisto Step 1 - The Green House UVU

Simple Photo and Video Editor

The product that I reviewed is called Magisto. Magisto is a quick video editing software that can be used to combine photos and videos into a presentation style format for any occasion. In the free version, you are able to utilize a select variety of their video templates and music to go along with your video. However, you are only given a few of the free templates for each of them, so it is a freemium version of the app that is a bit restrictive. Below are the steps to creating your video: Step 1: Select your photos and videos In this step, you are able to select the photos and videos that you would like to be put together in a video for your final product. You can use a combination of photos and videos, and you can upload them in the order that you would want them to be shown. Then you are on to the next step. Step 2: Select Editing Style In this step, you select the style that you would like your video to portray. They have different themes, such as spring, love, extreme, caring, travel, food, and so many more. The only downside is that with the freemium version, you are again restricted with the choices that you are given. Once you have your style selected, you are on to your final step. Step 3: Choose Your Soundtrack The soundtracks that you can choose from are based on the style that you chose in the previous step. Once you have your style and soundtrack created, you just add a title, push the magic button, and you are off to the races. The quality of video that is produced is pretty good. Cuts are made in your videos and photos are shown at different lengths of time to match up with the style of the movie and the length of time that you select for your video. If you are looking for professional editing, this isn’t the program for you, but if you are looking for a quick and easy way to turn an event or a quick scenario into a fun video that you can share on social media, this is a great way to go. The Magisto platform itself is created as a type of social media feed. You can post your videos and search for other videos by the styles of videos that can be created. You are able to follow other people’s profiles and see the new content that they are producing. You can like/engage with their content as well as browse other content looking for ideas that you can utilize as well. Pricing is sold in premium, professional, and business packages with prices of $4.99, $14.99, and $34.99 per month respectively. With each new level you are given a higher volume of photos and videos that you can upload and longer videos that you can produce. You are also given more styles, editing features, and stock images/videos that you can utilize as well. The downside that I felt I had with the application was not having any control as to how the content was edited. It seems that this style carries throughout the different levels of packages as well, but you are given a lot more themes as you pay more. Huge surprise there. I enjoyed the program and feel it is a good way to be able to quickly and easily create engaging video content.