Making Video Easier NOT Harder | RenderForest

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Do you work in the creative market? You’re Going to Like This.

Everyone knows video has its challenges and whether you are a beginner or a pro, time is the most valuable thing you can have. RenderForest is a robust platform that helps making videos for clients much, much easier. If you are introducing logos, explaining a new app, designing an introduction to a company. RenderForest is the new go-to platform to build out more videos in half the time, that means more time doing things you want to do.

What If I’m Already Good A Video?

Being a one-person team comes with its benefits, you set your own hours, you get your own clients, and there is no one (except uncle sam) that you share your paychecks with. The only catch is one person can only do so much editing and shooting, eventually, a one-person team can only get so much done in such little time. If you find yourself cramped with time and not because you lack the talent RenderForest will still be a great option for you.

So This Is Great… But What’s The Cost?

Honestly since I’ve been researching RenderForest I’ve seen a lot of changes in prices, in October the prices for 1080p videos (there better packages) were prices somewhere in the $1000’s and now for their best Package which gets you 100 720p videos and 50 1080p videos a month and up to 60 minutes of video costs only $588. That money could be made back in one video for a decent client. RenderForest is for you if you find yourself with very little time and know the video will help will benefit you. You can even get this if you are pursuing video but lack the skills that can get you the professional video looks.