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Properly Manage your Business Social Media Profiles

Manage your business social media effectively EveryPost makes it easy to create visual content from a variety of sources. You can customize and schedule post, and take control over the social media platforms. If you’ve been looking for a content marketing tool that will allow you to manage all social media accounts, and impress your boss, or peers, EveryPost is the content marketing tool you have been looking for, with EveryPost you can efficiently, and effectively manage your social media accounts with ease. This social media tool is geared towards business social media account management. EveryPost offers the following social account management. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Dropbox and email, you can also post to a WordPress account, and Evernote using email. Creating Content Whether you are using the web, Android or iOS EveryPost has a lot to offer you when you are creating social content for the company you work for, or your own business social media accounts. Using this Content marketing tool you will be able to create content from several places. You can pull content from YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, and RSS feeds. You can also add video to your content post using Links from YouTube, and other mp4 files. You will have access to pull images from Instagram, and take photos from within the app, and add photos from your camera roll or files on your phone, or computer. Along with adding photos from your phone or computer you will have an 18 photo filters to choose from to help with clarity, and appeal depending on the type of content you are creating or targeting your market all in one place. Pricing EveryPost offers five different pricing plans, the free is the personal plan. You have limited access to how many post or content you are allowed to create or share. The Pro is a monthly plan at $9.99/month. For the $9.99 a month you get 10 connected channels. Infinite post scheduling. With this plan you get a lot more freedom using this content marketing tool. The most popular plan is the plus $29.99/month, you get 25 connected channels, again infinite post scheduling. The next plan is the advanced plan priced $49.99/month, and the team plan priced at $99.99/month. Why Social Media Management is Important With a big social media presence in marketing now it is crucial. It’s becoming more and more important for brands to have a social media presence on multiple social media platforms, and EveryPost allows for that management. Customers have expect social media content from the brands whose products, or services they use. In conclusion Visual Content is very essential to a strong and effective social media strategy. If you have good visual content, you can effectively engage your audience. When you engage your audience you can get leads, you, if you have excellent content you will get shares, and shares create discussions social currency within your target market.