TweetDeck: Managing your Twitter feeds with Ease

Tweet Deck - The Green House UVU

Free Marketing Tool for Twitter

TweetDeck is an excellent tool to make the most of your Twitter account. Keep track of the competition, manage conversations around your brand, and engage with customers on a new level.

TweetDeck is a free digital tool for Twitter. It’s an easy snapshot of instant feeds prepared by you and your team. Follow key hashtags, manage your content with ease, and follow other key influencers of your product.

With the simple, intuitive design, your digital marketer will feel right at home using this tool and will be instantly able to respond to your clients. This instant access with a much larger view than a normal feed can provide will be an excellent avenue to deal with trouble customers or make the most of new hashtags and more.

With TweetDeck being an actual Twitter product, you’ll find regular updates, good customer services, and seamless integration with your current strategies.

As Digital Marketers, we know that content is king. What’s more, is we know that managing that content is extremely important. With twitters usual feed and notification system, it can become all too easy to lose track of your well-built content and miss important strategic moves made by competitors.

TweetDeck will give you the edge to manage that content, eye the competition, and always stay at the forefront of what is relevant and important to you and your brand.

Try TweetDeck today and make your experience with Twitter more impactful and meaningful for your and customers.

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