Nuzzle: It’s okay for small businesses

Nuzzle Homepage - The Green House UVU
What is Nuzzle? Nuzzle is a media intelligence reporting software. The product allows you to select any type of topic that you might want to follow. This might be important for certain businesses who want to know whenever their company or their competition is mentioned in the media. The idea is to get updates so that you know when sometimes is being said about your company, whether good or bad. Nuzzle can also be helpful if you are trying to research a certain product or whole industry. It gives you the ability to follow whatever keywords you can think of. Then it gives you other feature to target certain areas or exclude specific phrases. Pricing Nuzzle has 3 different pricing tiers: professional, team and enterprise. The professional package cost $49 a month and includes 5 intelligence reports and 10 recipients per report. The team package cost $79 a month and includes 10 intelligence reports and 25 recipients per report. The enterprise package cost $169 a month and includes 30 intelligence reports and 50 recipients per report. All three of the packages have discounted rates if you get billed annually. Recommendation Nuzzle can be very useful for a fairly small business. The features are pretty minimal and they don’t really have a great way to organize any data or articles, but it is very cheap. If you are just starting a business where media intelligence is important Nuzzle might be a good place to start, but if you are a larger business I would recommend paying a little more for a more enterprise level software.