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Piktochart is an online content marketing tool used mostly for creating infographics, flyers, posters, presentations and reports. There are a bunch of different online applications out there that are similar to Piktochart that claim to be the top content marketing apps, so why pick Piktochart? Allow me to explain why Piktochart the best content marketing tool of them all. One of the best features that comes with Piktochart is it’s huge variety of templates for different projects. There are more than enough people out there that are searching for a way to create an exceptional piece of content to market but have little to no content marketing experience. The collection of top content marketing tools, templates, and features that Piktochart has makes it very simple–even for people with no skills in creating marketing content–to create a piece of content that draws attention and that the user is pleased with. Everyone has different tastes and different ideas of how they want their projects to look and Piktochart provides a great variety of templates for a number of categories that are bound to satisfy each user’s needs and tastes. So what are some of the biggest drawbacks of Piktochart, you ask? It’s as simple as this: everything I just explained comes with a price. That’s right, all the amazing content marketing templates and features I’ve outlined come with a price. While it’s not the most expensive price in the world, it’s still going to cost you a fair amount of money. Even though it can be a costly program to use, it is 100% worth it if you want to create the best marketing content and plan on creating top marketing content for many years to come. Another drawback that I’ve found, even with my experience in using content marketing tools, is that it can be difficult to create and design a custom piece of marketing content that you’ve maybe thought of on your own. Like I said, I was very impressed with the functionality that the templates provided, but it was a bit more challenging to navigate when I wanted to create something on my own. The only other drawback that I had with Piktochart was that it was difficult to sort through the large selection of templates and search for and filter out any templates that I may not have been as interested in. There is a search feature that may be helpful for some, but I just didn’t feel like it was as effective as I wanted it to be. However, I thought that scrolling through the many different designs that they had come up with was enjoyable and actually gave me more ideas on other projects that I could work on later down the road. So there you have it. I pick Piktochart because it offers many clean-looking, professional templates that can help you become a top content marketer. Not only that, but creating the best marketing content requires minimal effort and experience with marketing. Become the best content marketer around in no time at all with Piktochart.