Poll Maker is SnapChat

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Easy Poll Creation Tool

Snap Chat is great at capturing snippets of life. Snap Chat captures the spontaneous. Poll Maker is the same. Poll Maker nets those little pieces of data that you are looking for. It is quick and easy to use just like Snap Chat. Poll Maker has themes that help you brand your poll just like Snap Chat has filters that help one show their personality. Poll Maker also comes with more great qualities like security against people voting more than once. Another feature that helps to capture your target market an only your target market is the ability to set the time at which someone can vote. With all these features to manage and implement you might think that Poll Maker is not user friendly and not free. Both of these are false. I have never used anything like this before and it took only a few minutes to learn and construct my first poll. It is also free and usable in its free form. With the upgraded version of Poll Maker you get rid of the ads for your users, you get unlimited votes, and get to replace the Poll Maker branding with your own.

Poll Maker results are easy to read

Once you’ve conducted your poll and the results are in, the Snap Chat similarities return. Just like you can see where your friends are on Snap Chat you can see on a heat map where your poll votes cam from. I really like this feature. It will help you to see if you are targeting the right area if you are wanting your votes to come from a specific geographic area. Along with seeing where people voted from you can see when they voted. People can comment on your poll and a conversation can be started on the topic. You can track the comments on the poll from Poll Maker. If you decide that you would like your audience to see the results you can unblock the results from those that vote. Allowing your voters to see the results will help to drive conversation in the comments. Depending on your research, the comments may be just as valuable as the hard data gathered from the poll. If you like the amount of data you have gathered you can take your research to the next step. Your results can be exported to a database such as Microsoft Excel. From there you can better analyze your data. If you are looking to ask multiple questions as part of your research you can also conduct a survey with Poll Maker. After getting familiar with Poll Maker and conducting a couple polls I would highly recommend this tool. What tools do you use to gather data and how do they stack up to Poll Maker?