Resize Images-Landscape by Sprout Social

Landscape Tool - The Green House UVU

Are you a social media manager, a blogger or someone who posts to multiple social media pages a day? Landscape may be a great tool for you.

Landscape is an image resizing tool so that companies and whoever can post optimized photos for a specific social network. On Landscape you can optimize your photo for just one social network at a time or all social networks at one time. You can also choose what type of photo you would like it to be, whether it be for a post or for a profile picture, or a cover photo this tool helps you resize your images what you are needing for. Landscape also does not charge a monthly premium and is completely free to use.

Sprout Social developed Landscape. They are a platform similar to Hootsuite. They help schedule social media posts and analytics, etc. They developed Landscape to make resizing images quick and easy for those who need it. Most platforms have a image resizing tool built in but for those that need it, Landscape is here.