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The Best Social Media Monitoring

Have you heard of Brand 24 the Social Media Monitoring Platform? Well, they’ve certainly heard of you. We’ve reviewed some of the key aspects of this platform from a marketers point of view. We’ve picked out some important qualities and how to best utilize brand 24 to monitor your social media.

Social Media Monitoring Solution

Brand 24 is a social media monitoring solution that allows businesses to monitor various keyword usage across the internet. A company or individual can choose to monitor their products, services, brand, or even their competitor’s key terms. The monitoring is happening in real time with immediate results and you are even able to set up notifications so you can act quickly.

A Truly User-Friendly Platform:

The interface is extremely user-friendly and simplistic. The company is constantly making efforts to improve the platform. There is even a detailed tutorial video to watch as you familiarize yourself with all the features of what Brand 24 has to offer. Setting up your first campaign is very straightforward and they provide an ample amount of criteria to segment by.

What Can You Monitor with Brand 24?

As you set up your campaigns you can segment by different sources. It allows you to segment by the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It also draws from blogs, forums, news, video, and web. You can even exclude specific sites and authors.

How To Best Utilize Brand 24


I found that an effective way to use Brand 24 is to monitor your competitors. By having this real-time information you can react quickly. By setting up a campaign to watch users negative interactions with your competitors you can capitalize on this opportunity to win over new customers. With the way the interface is set up you can simply click on the negative comment to immediately be redirected to the source of the comment. If you are able to provide a quick solution for the disgruntled customer you might not just win a new customer, but you might be winning a new loyal advocate for your company.

Social Media Analytics & Reporting:

The platform allows you to visually see the highlights of your most important KPI’s. You can immediately see the real-time most popular mentions as well as the most influential profiles. With the reporting section you can set up an email notification section to notify you on a daily and weekly schedule. There is also a feature called “Storm Alerts” which allows you to set up an emergency email that alerts you when there is a major percentage change in your mentions or social media reach. The Storm Alert essentially notifies you if something viral happens regarding your brand or key terms. At the professional pricing plans you also get access to PDF reports and excel file exporting.

How much does Brand 24 Cost?

They offer a 14-day free trail where you can test out the interface and a few projects to get a feel for what the platform can do. If you are looking into expanding your usage and collection of keywords, mentions and users then you can upgrade to a larger plan. The plans are broken into 3 tiers: Plus, Premium, and Max.
The plans vary on a variety of added features and benefits. Some notable changes are the amount of keyword, mentions, users. The most important increases are in the frequency of updates to your data and the history length of your archives.
Check out Brand 24 for yourself. It might just be the last social media monitoring platform you ever have to use! Comment below a competing social media monitoring platform and we’ll do a comparison!