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Why Every Digital Marketer is Re-thinking Their Strategy…

In the social media and digital marketing world, we are constantly inundated with the latest and greatest tools that will “increase your conversions by 20% or more.” Then, once we sign up for the free trial and use the tool for a couple days, we find out that it’s not as special as they advertised. Well, I’m here to tell you that what I’m about to present to you today, isn’t one of those falsely advertised or overhyped social media tools.

There are many different social media management softwares that offer many different features but each one always seems to be some very important features. For example, most of these softwares allow you to schedule your organic posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The only issue is that these social media tools will autopost on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but still require you to manually post on Instagram. So basically, the tool only reminds you of your scheduled post time and then has you manually push the post to your Instagram profile. For a company managing hundreds or thousands of posts, this can be very inefficient and tedious. The tool that solves this problem is Sprout Social. It is one of few tools that will successfully post any and every post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and especially Instagram.

The second biggest selling point of Sprout Social is its ability to compare your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles to your potential competitors. Their tool gives you an in-depth breakdown of each platform with the most important metrics. For example, on Twitter, it shows you your engagement, influence, followers lost or gained, and mentions of your page. This is a great feature because it allows you to get a good benchmark of your industry and see in which areas your page may need to improve. With this type of available information, it also allows you to see if your page growth is below average, on par with your competitors, or above average.

One of the coolest features of Sprout Social is the ability to search for keywords and see who’s currently talking about them. This type of feature is usually offered on expensive platforms like NUVI or other “reputation management” softwares. Sprout Social did an amazing job by including this feature in their tool so that you can not only monitor your brand and relevant keywords to see what people are saying about your company but also figure out who your ideal target audience is and how to best advertise to them. One of the biggest struggles that marketers have always faced is getting feedback from their campaigns and the products associated with them. Thanks to technology and social media tools like Sprout Social, we as marketers can monitor relevant topics to make better and more informed decisions based on data.
Regardless of how awesome I think this social media management tool is, you need to try it for yourself. Everyone has their own preference and it’s important to use the tool, see how it works and put it to the test. So, now it’s time to go to SproutSocial.com and get your free trial today. Once you setup your account and use it for a week or so, leave a comment below telling me what you think of it from 1 to 10.