Sticky AI

Sticky AI Example 3 - The Green House UVU

Sticky AI: A Tool to Create Stickers

Sticky AI helps you to create your own selfie-stickers! It’s never been easier to snap a picture and turn it in to a sticker ready to send to friends or share on social media or text. It’s user friendly and has an extremely simple interface. This social media tool opens up to a camera ready to either take a picture of yourself or a friend. After you snap a picture it instantly turns that person into sticker for you. Once your selfies been taken you’ll be taken to a screen where you can clean up the edges of your sticker. One feature of the app has to offer is allowing you to change the object in the picture to black and white or into a cartoon like sketch. Other features include adding a white outline to your sticker or adding a simple color background. You also can add words or sayings to go along with your sticker. Words add a little more fun to your sticker by either adding to your text conversation, or if sharing over social media to say something. A small glitch is that if the object is too far away it has a hard time distinguishing what you want to make into a sticker. The app does allow you to get up close and personal with your future sticker to clean up the edges before sharing. Recently the app had an update and added GIF’s. Now if you hold down the center button you can make yourself into a GIF. It has all the same features taking a picture would and is just as easy to share with your friends. GIF’s have been around since 1987, but it wasn’t until Facebook added GIF support in 2015, that they became popular. Most people share them on social media and texts. This tool is mostly for texting conversations between friends. I don’t see this tool being used much for social media, especially when it comes to business platforms. I can see this app being used mostly for ages 12-20, young male and female who are constantly on their phone and being social. Besides stickers being shared in messages I think they’ll be really big for Instagram Stories. People love to put up something on their stories that won’t necessarily be around forever, but worth sharing to their followers. To do that though the app doesn’t directly share to story, you would need to download the image and then access it through Instagram. Overall an extremely fun app, with a user-friendly interface. Not many flaws in the app besides taking pictures at a distance. This app performs better up close, it’s meant for selfies! Let us know how you like it in the comments below!