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The Best Social Media Manager Tool: Better Than Hootsuite was made for social media managers, and more specifically, the social media manager who works better with visual software. Using Later for your social media scheduling will save you time and help you better manage your social media accounts. is a social media management platform that allows content marketers to manage Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Unlike many other social media schedulers in this space, Later allows its users to visually see scheduled posts in organized weekly and monthly views, allowing you to see exactly which posts are going to what platform at what time. One of the biggest time-saving functions of Later is the media library. Users can upload a batch of images into the media library, add searchable labels if desired, and filter by used and unused photos to speed up the scheduling process. Gone are the days of adding images to each individual post and starting over for the next one. Later also allows content marketers to schedule posts to multiple social media accounts at once while editing the crop and caption wording for each platform individually for better social media targeting. Users can also manage conversations from Instagram directly from the Later website. If your business runs an ecommerce site,’s paid plans offer a Link In Bio feature to make every post shopable via the single link Instagram allows in the bio. Paid accounts also allow social media managers access to basic, more advanced, and Link In Bio analytics for Instagram. The analytics offered on Later.come are useful, but also lacking compared to the social media analytics of other social media softwares like Iconosquare and Buffer. Another limitation of the Later social media scheduler is the number of posts available to use each month depending on the pricing plan you are subscribed to. Later was created as an Instagram focused social media scheduler that has branched into Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. There is an Instagram Preview function that allows users to preview the layout of their scheduled posts. Later goes beyond the functionality of their social media manager to add value to their users through the Later blog. Later sends weekly content emails to their users to boost their social media strategies in regards to Instagram. These content emails send readers to blog posts full of information and tips for increasing engagement, changes to algorithms, and more. Overall, the interface, usability, and visual functionality make the Later social media manager the perfect tool content marketers and those managing social media. With pricing ranging from free to $50, is an affordable tool for personal and business use. If you’ve been looking for an all-in-one social media manager, is the tool for you. Do you need a social media scheduler for personal use? Are you a large business? Leave which plan you would use and why in the comments below. Image placement: file:///C:/Users/Sierra/Downloads/Later%20Blog%20Post%20(1).pdf