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Character Count Online. Sounds pretty basic right? You’re probably asking yourself what’s the difference from this and Microsoft Word. I’ll admit at first I didn’t think that this was anything different than the typical character counter that you can find within Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or any other word processor. I didn’t want to hassle with switching to another program to do something pretty simple. But then I played around with it, and I found some super useful features. And the best part? It’s completely free. It’s not a “freemium model” and there are no hidden fees. Let’s Get Down to the Basics First let’s talk about how you use it. It’s super user-friendly and straightforward. You have a blog post or a paper that you want to check the word count. All you have to do is copy and paste it into the text box and it will automatically calculate some statistics for you. The obvious statistics it counts words, characters, paragraphs, and spaces. Those are all pretty standard features in whatever program you are using to count your written content. The Hidden Gem Let’s get to the feature that really is super helpful – after you paste in your text if you scroll down you will see all the words you used and how many times you used it! It lets you know what words you used multiple times so you know what words you might want to switch out. You know when you reach into your coat and you find a couple dollars in your pocket that you forgot about? Yeah, that’s how I feel about this feature. It’s something so simple, that you could easily overlook it, or just forget it was there! Bottom Line After trying this tool out for myself, I found the word frequency counter to be really helpful. Especially if you are writing blog posts or an important research paper where you need a variety of words. I liked how user-friendly it was and that it was as simple as copy and paste and the results showed up. And not to mention that’s 100% free and they aren’t playing games with you to pay more for upgrades. I can see how people don’t want to switch from their program wherever they are writing their device, and going back and forth. But I think the results you get are worth it. Plus, it’s really not that hard to copy and paste, right? I’m curious, what do you use to count your characters, words, etc? Or if you try Character Count Online let me know what you think in the comments!