Twitter Analytics as a Social Media Marketing Tool

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How to Use Twitter Analytics

Most Twitter users are not aware that they have access to utilize their accounts analytics. On each person’s Twitter account there is an analytics tab that gives you access to information on your viewers. This is a very helpful social media marketing tool because you can track your follower’s behavior and amount of views on your page. The best feature about Twitter Analytics is that it is free and fully accessible to each account user. It shows you impressions, engagements, and the number of views for each tweet you post. It also tells you how many retweets, average likes, and link clicks you get per day. At the top of the home page, it shows you what your top tweets currently are and an overview of how many followers, tweet impressions, and profile visits your account has received over a 28-day period. What is helpful about this is you can see what tweets are getting the most attention and use that information to create similar content. This will allow you to figure out what your audience is responding to the most and use this to adjust your social media content.     Another great feature about Twitter Analytics is the Audiences tab. This is very useful because it shows your audiences demographics and psychographics. It shows their top interest and aspects of their lifestyle. It gives lists of your viewers favorite movies, music, news interests and more. It also shows the level of income your viewers make, what languages they speak, what their buying habits are, and even who their wireless carrier is. This seems like a lot of personal information and is questionable how ethical it is for people’s privacy. However, it is a very useful content marketing tool for marketers because it gives your free access to a lot of information. All this information can be used to figure out what your target market will like and respond to the most. While Twitter Analytics is very helpful, you do have to pay for Twitter advertisements. This can be setup by selecting the “Sign Up for Twitter Ads” button. The problem with Twitter Ads is the price for advertising ranges from $0.50-$4.00 per engagement. This can add up to be very costly because it is hard to track how much of an engagement the user had with the ad. It is difficult to track how far the user clicked or interacted with the advertisement. Regardless if the advertisement was successful or not in attracting a customer or making a sale, you still must pay for the engagement. This type of advertising is debatable on how effective it is, so it may not be worth the investment. Overall, Twitter Analytics is a useful tool for social media marketing. It allows you to analyze your audience and gear your content towards your target market. If you found this post helpful, subscribe to my blog so you can get notified of more product reviews in the future. Also, let me know in the comments if you found Twitter Analytics helpful and how you used it to improve your Twitter content.