Whats the Hype about Hype3?

Hype3 Screen - The Green House UVU

Hype 3: Keyframe-based Animation System for web content

Hype 3 makes animating web graphics easy. And I mean super easy. Hype3 seems to take after adobe products as far as their interface goes. The graphics and keyframes you choose show up on a timeline similar to PremierePro. It makes it easy to create natural graphics with easy blending tools.

Is the tool worth the price?

Before I go into price, how many of you hated when Adobe went to a subscription service? I for one did. I don’t mind paying more if I know I have the software and will never lose it. Hype3, as of now, is a one time buy of only $49.99. Now, is that worth it to you? Really just depends on how much you’ll use it.

Its cool, but should you use it?

Hype3 has many strong points. One, in particular, is its ability to make HTML graphics a lot easier. One of the issues I ran into while running this program was the fact that it is not an actual web service. It’s a program that you have to install onto your computer. While this isn’t a deal breaker, it would be nice to have the option of signing into the service from anywhere. I would say its worth it if you’re not a coder or designer. If you are either of those or both, you’d save money and time just doing it by yourself.