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The Mobile Ad Design App for the Social Media Novice

Picture this. Your boss is wanting to start some social media posting for the company because they think it will be an awesome idea. They only have a couple problems, first… budget . Second, they don’t know hardly anything about social media posting. He looks out his office window to see you, the awesome, Instagram posting, Facebook liking, re-tweeting machine he assumes you are. So your boss decides to come ask you to start posting for them and because you are an awesome person you gladly proclaim, “Sure! I’d love to!”. Now the problem torch has been passed to you. Oops! You don’t know what you are doing! You aren’t a graphic designer! Oh, let’s not forget about keeping budget down. What to do, what to do? Lucky for you, I’ve got a social media tool that is going to make you look like a social media genius. Your welcome. Word Swag is the tool for you. Why? Let me give you a couple reasons. First, you will make your boss super happy when your budget for the posts consists of a whopping $5. That’s right, $5. That’s all it takes to download this app on your phone. $5 for the app and you’ve got access to all that it does for you. Which leads me to my second reason, Word Swag is super user friendly mobile ad design app that allows you to quickly create some awesome posts for multiple platforms. When you open the app, you have two options, you can use your phone camera to take a picture you want to use, or you can select to look through a library of photos. The library consists of your photos on your camera roll and also a ton of stock photos Word Swag provides for you to use. Once you choose the picture you’d like to use, you are then brought to a page that allows you to crop the photo to fit different sizes. Some of the preset sizes are set to optimize for different social media platforms, such as for Instagram stories, Facebook posts, a pin on Pinterest, or even a LinkedIn Post. This feature saves you a lot of time and headache trying to make sure your posts will even fit on the platform you are trying to use. Once you’ve cropped your image to the size you need, you can then add whatever text you want to show on your photo. That’s where the “Word Swag” really comes into play. The app has programmed text layouts to choose from. You enter the words you want, and the app allows you to add some swag to the text. You can also change the color, alignment, and size of the text. When you’re done, just finish and share, easy as that. Word Swag just solved your problems. Budget? Forget about it, how about $5? Not a designer? Let the app take care of that for you. In order to show you how easy it really is to make an ad or a new social media post, I created a quick walk through that shows just how fast and easy it can be. Watch it, share it with your peers who have found themselves in a similar situation, or maybe just need to spice their social media up a little bit.