Yotpo: Happy Customers = Happier You

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Happy customers. The goal of every direct-to-consumer business. Getting a happy customer can be a difficult process. However, maybe that’s not your problem. You may have a business that has that clientele with satisfied customers. Now you want to grow your business and you want to have more people knowing about your amazing product or service. But how do you use your happy customers to scale more happiness and more success for your company? That is where Yotpo comes in to make a happier you! What is Yotpo? Yotpo is a Content Marketing Software specifically designed for e-commerce stores and retail businesses. Yotpo’s main goal is to help your business create satisfied customers at scale which at the end of the day helps your bottom line. They do this for your business through assistance in social proofing, traffic acquisition, customer insights, and shopper experience. Yotpo can also be seamlessly integrated with whatever e-commerce platform your company may be using. Pricing Model: This is where Yotpo should get even more enticing for your business. Yotpo offers a free trial, for life. You heard that right, you could use a free version of Yotpo for life, given you only do up to 50 orders per month. There are limitations to the free version, but even with that, the free version can be proven to be very useful especially to get a taste of how Yotpo could help your business. Those features are talked about in the sections below. Yotpo also offers a Premium Version which offers more features and ways to help your business succeed. The pricing plans are set to grow with your company’s needs. As you make more sales and the amount of monthly orders increase, so does the pricing plan. If you find that you like what Yotpo offers for your business, you can start the Premium Version which is broken into 5 different plans: • Growth 50: o 50 Monthly Order Amount o $29 Per Month • Growth 100: o 100 Monthly Order Amount o $49 Per Month • Growth 200: o 200 Monthly Order Amount o $99 Per Month • Growth 500 o 500 Monthly Order Amount o $199 Per Month • Anything after 500 monthly orders is quote based and you will need to contact Yotpo for pricing that suits your business. Key Features of Free Version: • Review Request Emails • Advanced Analytics • On-Site Widgets • Social Push • Moderation and Commenting • SEO Page Key Features of Premium Version: Everything included in the Free Version plus: • Reviews Carousel • Coupons • Rich Snippets • Email Upsells • Product Recommendations • Targeted Site Reviews Should You Use Yotpo? Absolutely. Yotpo’s Free Version should be incentive enough to create an account to try it out for your business. The features they offer in the Free Version is worth testing to see if it increases sales for your company. From there you can decide to upgrade to the Premium Version, which again would be beneficial for your business’s best interest. I believe the pricing model is fairly set and I enjoy how they have it set to grow in price only as much as you grow in sales. To put things in perspective, Yotpo will only make money to extent of how much they help you to make more sales and have more happy customers. They’re best interests will be in your business’s best interests as well. And that alone gives me the piece of mind to choose Yotpo as the Content Marketing Software for any direct-to-consumer business.